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At Duncan Law Firm, P.C., we are actively building an extensive network of referral cases within the community. Many attorneys and law firms in the area simply do not handle personal injury matters, but often receive inquiries from potential clients harmed by a third party. Duncan Law Firm, P.C. is open to stepping into a personal injury case at all stages of the process and has even stepped into pending cases on the eve of trial.

Referring cases to Duncan Law Firm, P.C. is often in the best interests of both the referring attorney/law firm and the client. For the attorney or law firm, referring a personal injury case outside their area of practice allows them to focus their time and energy on their core practice area(s). Depending on the level of involvement desired by the referring counsel, a referred case can literally become passive income to the referring firm. Equally important, a harmed client deserves representation from a law firm dedicated to personal injury. Therefore, it is in both the client's interest and the firm's interest to refer personal injury matters to Duncan Law Firm, P.C.

Each referred case presents its own challenges and circumstances. Along those lines, rather than proposing a fixed referral fee, Duncan Law Firm, P.C. is open to negotiating an equitable arrangement with referring attorneys on a case by case basis. We will always honor referral fees and we will always put the agreement in writing after obtaining a client's informed consent.

If you'd like to refer a case to Duncan Law Firm, P.C., then please call us directly at (925) 243-7476 or send an email to referrals@dunclaw.com.

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    Whether you're facing a complex injury, filing a wrongful death claim, or need help navigating an insurance dispute, our attorney will fight for you.

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    Regardless of how complex the nature of your case is, our attorney takes time to study the specific legal landscape to better represent you or your family.

  • Licensed in Both California & Nevada

    Attorney David Duncan is licensed to practice in both California and Nevada and provides sound legal representation in both states.

  • Over a Decade of Experience as An Attorney

    Prior to opening his firm, attorney Duncan served at the White House and successfully litigated complex business and real estate matters.