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Were You Injured On A Construction Site?

Construction sites are littered with a variety of potential hazards, dangerous conditions and accidents waiting to happen. In fact, statistics report that the construction industry plays host to some of the highest rates of work accidents and injuries of any profession. As workers are constantly nearby live electrical wires, heavy machinery, unsafe scaffolding and structures, hazardous substances, and other dangers, it is no wonder that they face such high risks of injuries each and every day.

Additionally, these hazards can easily place nearby bystanders at risk for suffering injuries, especially when a construction site is in a location where pedestrians must navigate. At Duncan Law Firm, P.C., I am ready to provide relentless advocacy to any victim injured in a construction accident. Consult with me for free about your situation and learn how I can help you.

Equipped To Handle A Range Of Complex Claims

As an experienced personal injury attorney, I have seen how deeply construction accidents can affect the lives of victims and their families. From physical damages that may cause limitations or long recoveries to financial burdens created by medical bills and the inability to work, I know that these cases demand extensive preparation, a commitment to excellence, and a strong personal injury claim that can secure full and fair compensation.

I am prepared to handle all types of cases, including:

  • Exposure to toxic or hazardous materials
  • Falling objects
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Scaffolding accidents
  • Forklift and machinery accidents
  • Electrical accidents, burns and fires
  • Crane accidents

Construction Accidents And Liability

Construction accident claims may contain many liability issues, which can make them challenging to resolve. Establishing one party’s responsibility for an accident can be difficult when there are so many moving parts on a site. It takes legal experience and insight to determine the correct approach to pursue when injuries are caused by an employer’s neglect, defective machinery, a contractor or another third party.

I have the insight you need to assess your case and identify the most effective course of action to take, whether it is filing a claim for workers’ compensation, products liability, third-party liability or another approach.

Retain A Pleasanton Injury Attorney You Can Trust

Throughout Alameda County, construction workers and bystanders turn to Duncan Law Firm for genuine support and relentless representation after a serious construction injury. I am prepared to listen to your story, inform you about your rights and discuss your available options.

I encourage you to request a free case evaluation to learn more about filing an injury claim. Use my online form or call 919-341-0777 today to connect with a skilled lawyer in Pleasanton who is equipped to handle your complex construction injury case.