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Have You Been Injured On The Job?

Workers who have been injured while performing job-related duties have the right to obtain certain benefits and/or compensation for their damages. While most injured workers are familiar with workers’ compensation insurance, many are unaware that by accepting workers’ compensation benefits, they relinquish their right to pursue any claims of negligence against their employer. As workers’ compensation often fails to provide the financial assistance injured workers require, it is essential that you understand your right to file a personal injury claim.

If it can be demonstrated that your accident and injury resulted from your employer’s negligence or failure to provide safe conditions, then you may be eligible to pursue a personal injury claim that can allow you to recover any physical, emotional, and/or financial damages you suffered as a direct result of your workplace accident. When injuries require medical attention and prevent you from working and earning wages, a personal injury claim can be a viable and powerful legal tool to secure the full amount of compensation you require.

Fierce Representation For Injured Workers

Duncan Law Firm is actively seeking cases for injured workers from a variety of industries and from all walks of life. Whether your case involves a construction accident or any other accident that occurred while performing a job-related duty, you have the right to explore all available avenues for compensation. At Duncan Law Firm, I am ready to guide injured workers and their families through these complex legal proceedings, ensuring that they are kept fully informed throughout the process and that they have the relentless representation needed to hold negligent employers accountable for their actions.

Learn About Your Rights

Filing a workers’ compensation claim is NOT your only option. Allow Duncan Law Firm, P.C., to review your case during a free case evaluation, inform you about your rights and explain the ways in which you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim. Committed to my clients, I always work cases by first establishing all of the facts surrounding your accident and injury and understanding all of your unique needs and goals. Equipped with this information, I can work closely with you to determine all your available options and provide you with the information, insight and experienced advice you need to make the best decision.

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By taking preemptive measures to learn more about your legal options, you can provide yourself with the best possible chances of securing the compensation you require, including compensation that covers your medical expenses, lost work wages and future earnings. A passionate advocate in the fight for victims’ rights, I offer my services to injured workers throughout Pleasanton, Alameda County and the surrounding communities.

Take matters into your own hands and work with an attorney who fights tirelessly on your behalf in and outside of the courtroom. Contact Duncan Law Firm, P.C., today.