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Insurance Bad Faith

How to File an Insurance Bad Faith Claim

Consumers who purchase insurance coverage do so in good faith, meaning that by paying premiums in full and on time, insurance providers are expected to uphold their obligations to handle claims fairly and in a timely and competent manner. When insurance companies fail to uphold their legal duties, injured victims can be subjected to a number of additional burdens.

Although insurance companies often fail to fairly handle policy holders' claims, the legal system does provide certain legal avenues wronged insurance policy holders can use to hold insurance companies liable and recover their damages.

Examples of Bad Faith Claims

Common examples of situations for which insurance bad faith claims may be applicable include the following:

  • offering less compensation than victims deserve,
  • failing to settle or handle claims in a timely manner
  • unfairly denying claims.

Knowing that these actions can severely impact the lives of injured victims and their families, I am committed to aggressively advocating on behalf of wronged policy holders. As a Pleasanton injury attorney, I am familiar with the claim process, the laws surrounding the duties of insurance providers, and the many ways in which they attempt to unfairly compensate victims.

No matter the underlying reason for your original claim, including any personal injury claim, I will fully investigate all of the circumstances surrounding your case. I listen to what you have to say, and I become intimately acquainted with your unique set of needs and objectives. I work cases diligently and aggressively, and always strive to secure resolutions in your best interests. I want to send a clear message to insurance companies that they must be held accountable and fully liable for their failures to uphold their end of the bargain. Equipped with a wide range of experience, I am prepared, if and when necessary, to fight relentlessly on your behalf during trial.

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I am actively seeking bad faith cases in order to represent local injured victims throughout Alameda County and the surrounding communities who have been wronged by insurance providers. My goals are to help my clients swiftly and successfully navigate their chosen action and to recover full and fair compensation.

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As insurance bad faith claims depend entirely on the unique circumstances involved in a case, I strongly encourage anyone interested in learning more about bad faith claims, their rights, and how my firm, Duncan Law Firm, P.C., can be of assistance to schedule a free case evaluation. Take advantage of this opportunity and find the information and support you need. Trust in my commitment to upholding the highest standards of ethical service and excellence.

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