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Frequently Asked Questions About Car Insurance Claims

It’s natural to feel completely overwhelmed when you are trying to receive a fair payout claim from your insurance provider. The terms of your policy may be difficult to understand. Your insurance representative may give you the run-around when you ask for a clear explanation of your options.

I am personal injury attorney David Duncan, and I understand your frustration. I have helped many accident victims hold their insurance providers accountable for fulfilling their policy terms.

I want you to understand your rights and your options before you sign any agreement with your insurer. Educate and empower yourself when you read these answers to frequently asked insurance questions.

Will my insurance go up after an accident?

While insurance companies can raise rates after an accident, it is hard to say exactly what will happen to your rates in your circumstance. Insurance companies factor in a wide-range of variables when calculating insurance costs. While an accident can have an impact, it is hard, as counsel, to predict what exactly it will do to your rate.

When is it a bad idea to talk to an insurance claims adjuster?

If you do not have extensive experience handling insurance claims, it’s not in your best interests to speak directly with an adjuster. These individuals are trained to trick personal injury clients into admitting fault for an accident or downplaying the severity of their injuries. Having a seasoned personal injury attorney communicate with your adjuster can protect your claim and your settlement offer. Lawyers are familiar with the tactics that adjusters use and can avoid them when providing information about a car accident.

Does my insurance cover uninsured and underinsured motorist accidents?

California laws do not require drivers to purchase policies with uninsured motorist coverage. Check your policy to see if this coverage is included. Investing in this type of policy could pay off years down the road if you are hit by an uninsured or underinsured motorist. After the accident, you would file a claim with your own insurer and may receive a settlement for medical bills and property damage.

What is a bad faith claim?

Policyholders can file bad faith claims when they believe that their insurer did not act in good faith after an accident. You may have a strong claim if your insurance provider took considerable time to investigate or process your claim. You may also have grounds to take action against your insurer if it did not fulfill the terms of your policy by refusing to pay out your claim.

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