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Are you sure the truck driver can see you?

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2024 | Car Accidents

Driving around trucks can be dangerous. That’s why drivers are recommended to be extra careful when sharing the road with them. And one of the aspects to keep in mind is visibility.

Trucks have large blind spots, including:

Directly in front

Truck drivers have a better view of what’s in front of them since they are higher off the ground. However, due to cab length, the driver may not see what’s directly in front. Consequently, cutting in front of a truck can be extremely dangerous.

On the side

A truck has blind spots on the sides, from the driver’s door going back. The right side blind spot is the largest. 

Directly behind 

A truck driver can’t see what’s behind their trailer. It’s crucial to increase the safe following distance when driving behind a truck, especially a heavy commercial one. This way, if it comes to a sudden stop, you have enough space to act accordingly.

How can you overtake a truck?

With all these blind spots, it can seem impossible to safely overtake a truck. Nonetheless, you can. Firstly, confirm you can see the truck driver’s reflection in their side mirror. If you can’t, chances are they can’t see you. Thus, maintain a safe position behind while checking if you can see their reflection. 

When you can, signal your intention clearly, move to the left and accelerate. Do not slow down on the side; you are in a blind spot. Once you pass, drive ahead until the truck is in your rear mirror before merging into the lane.

If a truck driver hits you despite avoiding their blind spots, obtain as much information as possible to know how you can be compensated for your injuries and damages.