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How to recover PTSD damages in a car accident claim

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2024 | Car Accidents

Not all catastrophic injuries from a car collision are physical. Some manifest through emotional pain and suffering, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

PTSD is a result of experiencing a traumatic event. A report reveals that motor vehicle accidents are its primary cause. Victims may develop PTSD from the sudden, violent and life-threatening impact during a crash. While it is not easily quantifiable, there are ways for affected parties to seek PTSD damages.

Establishing PTSD

PTSD may not become evident right away. Symptoms, such as painful flashbacks, haunting dreams, detachment issues, panic attacks, and sleep and concentration difficulties, often start showing long after the incident.

This unfortunate reality makes it even more challenging to put a price on losses and hold parties liable. However, victims can still pursue their claims by considering the following points:

  • A personal journal can detail when and how the symptoms appeared and progressed
  • Medical records or expert testimonies of health professionals can show a diagnosis directly linking the collision to the existence and severity of the condition
  • Family members or work colleagues can attest to how PTSD disrupted daily activities and professional duties

While each case is unique, these considerations can help victims navigate their situations and prove that someone’s negligence caused their PTSD. While facing their legal battles, victims may also proactively follow coping strategies.

They may find comfort in support groups that understand and share similar difficulties. Further, exposure therapy can gradually expose them to triggers in controlled sessions and desensitize them from their fears.

Healing from PTSD

PTSD treatment often requires long-term therapy and medication, which can likely lead to bills piling up. So, it is crucial for victims not to accept initial settlement offers until they are fully aware of the extent of their condition. Instead, they can benefit from having a California legal team to guide them in fighting for fair compensation that can pay for mounting expenses.