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Are drivers of a certain age more dangerous?

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2023 | Car Accidents

You’ve probably heard that young drivers are a particular risk to others on the road. Should you take more care around them? This assessment is not a myth. Teenage drivers grapple with a crash risk that is three times that of drivers aged 20 or over. So, it makes sense to take extra care around any drivers who look as though they are in their teens.

While some of this risk is down to their relative lack of maturity, most of it is down to their inexperience. Teens have not had time to build up the experience that older drivers have. Everyone makes mistakes when they first start driving, the same as they do when they begin practicing any new skill.

Drivers at the other end of the age scale can also be concerning

Another group you need to take extra care around is anyone who looks as though they should have already hung up their car keys. Aging is a natural process that happens to everyone, and it often results in a reduced ability to do certain things well, and driving is one of those things. Age can affect eyesight, hearing and mental processing, all of which are essential skills for a driver.

While these age extremes stand out, any driver can cause a crash. When you head out onto the road in your car, it’s essential to remain aware of the fact that every single driver presents a potential threat to you. Even the most careful driver can make a mistake that is enough to cause a collision. If they injure you in the process, you’ll need to learn more about your options for compensation by seeking legal guidance promptly.