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The role impairment might play in a motor vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2023 | Firm News

There are various types of dangerous driving behaviors that could play a contributing role in a motor vehicle accident. However, few may be as prevalent as impaired driving and while even if you choose to avoid engaging in such behaviors, your safety could still be at risk if other drivers nearby fail to do the same. 

If you cross paths with an impaired driver while out driving on California roads, there might not always be anything you can do to avoid a hazardous situation. While the presence of impairment can affect a driver’s ability to safety operate a vehicle in various ways, detecting the signs of a drunk driver could prove challenging at times.  

The impact of impairment 

The effects impairment can have on a driver can appear even shortly after alcoholic beverages are consumed and may intensify as blood alcohol content increases. Some reasons why driving while impaired is so dangerous may include:  

  • Loss of coordination:  Studies indicate that the presence of impairment can lead to loss of coordination and motor skills. As these are integral components to safe driving, any disruptions to coordination can prove hazardous. 
  • Reduce response times:  Impairment can also take a significant toll on your response times, and those who struggle to react to situations that arise may be at greater risk of causing a dangerous collision to occur. 
  • Prone to distraction:  Impaired drivers may also struggle to maintain focus on the task at hand, and anything that makes a driver more prone to distraction could also be a recipe for disaster. 
  • Lack of judgment:  The ability to make snap judgment calls is another essential component to safe driving, and those who drive while impaired might not always be capable of making sound decisions. 

Studies also indicate that those who drive while impaired may also struggle with loss of memory, and even a momentary blackout on the part of a nearby driver could place your well-being and life at risk. 

Drunk driving accidents 

The presence of impairment continues to play a contributing role in far too many major collisions. If the negligent behavior of another driver leaves you with insufficient time to react and avoid an impending danger, the fallout of the ensuing crash could affect your life in various ways. Suffering severe injuries and facing dire financial hardships after a crash involving similar circumstances could prove challenging to accept, and you may have questions about your available legal avenues and the best course of action to take to protect your future interests.