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Wrong-way driver caused motorcycle collision

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2022 | Uncategorized

All drivers in California are obligated to adhere to traffic laws for their own well-being and the safety of others. Motorcyclists cannot guarantee their own safety on the road but can reasonably expect other motorists to obey the law. Driver negligence and reckless behavior behind the wheel can cause a sudden collision with disastrous results.  

Such a tragedy occurred on a recent Monday on U.S. Highway 101. Several motorcyclists were traveling in a group when a vehicle from an opposing lane of traffic crossed a median and headed straight into their path. The resulting collision caused several bikers to be ejected from their seats.  

Fatal injuries  

A woman riding with the group was catapulted through the air when the vehicle careened into her lane and struck her. Sadly, she was killed in the crash. The driver of the wrong-way vehicle also died. Another motorcyclist was transported to a local hospital.  

Highway was shut down for hours  

It took about four hours before the California Highway Patrol could re-open the section of U.S. Highway 101 where the collision occurred. They did not release the identities of the fatally injured motorists because their immediate family members had not yet been informed. Numerous questions remain unanswered as to what caused the driver of the wrong-way vehicle to veer across the median into oncoming traffic and whether drugs or alcohol may have been a factor. A recovering accident victim or immediate family member of a fatally injured victim may seek justice when there is evidence to show that another driver’s negligence was the cause of the collision.