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Are you a victim of bad faith insurance?

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2021 | Uncategorized

When a California policyholder files a claim, he or she can reasonably expect the agency through the which the policy is carried will fulfill its obligations. If premiums have been paid on time, then the insurance company in question must hold up its end of the contract. Sadly, many people have suffered injuries in motor vehicle collisions only to be met with additional stress when their insurance companies wrongfully denied their claims.

Know how much compensation should be given under entitlement

A bad faith insurance claim is one where a policyholder has met all requirements but the agency in question does not do the same. For instance, an insurance company might offer less compensation than a particular recovering victim is entitled to receive. This would be an example of an insurance company acting in bad faith.

A claim should be settled in a timely manner as much as possible regarding the specific details of a particular incident. It is bad faith insurance when an agency is able to settle a claim in a timely manner but does not do so. The good news is that state law allows a person to file a bad faith insurance claim against a company who has failed to fulfill its obligations.

Bad faith insurance litigation can be complex

Anyone in California who is considering filing a bad faith insurance claim will want to keep detailed records of all correspondence he or she has had with the insurance company in question. It is also helpful to speak with an experienced insurance claims attorney. Such an attorney understands how the appeals process works and can act on a client’s behalf in court. Duncan Law Firm provides strong support regarding bad faith insurance, including denied claims, delayed settlements and compensation less than entitlement.