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Helpful tips to reduce stress over insurance claims

On Behalf of | May 24, 2021 | Uncategorized

Being involved in a California motor vehicle accident may not only result in physical injuries; it can be emotionally traumatic, as well. In addition to vehicle damage, medical bills and emotional trauma, navigating the insurance claims process can also be highly stressful. There are several things a recovering accident victim can do to help keep stress to a minimum when filing a claim.

Report the accident within 24 hours

The sooner a collision has been reported to the proper insurance agency, the better. Investigations take time, so the sooner a collision is reported, the faster an investigation will be opened. It can be especially frustrating if an insurance agency attempts to deny a claim.

What can be done if that happens?

It is not all that uncommon for insurance claims to be denied upon the initial filing. However, in most cases, the person who filed the claim may appeal the denial. It is always best to carefully review the specific policy in question to make sure that the type of car accident that occurred is covered on the plan. Another reason that an agency might attempt to deny a claim is if the person filing it waited too long to do so, hence, the importance of reporting the incident in a timely manner.

Determining a settlement amount

It is easy to add up medical bills or wages lost when a recovering California accident victim must take time off work due to his or her injuries. The bigger challenge is to assign a monetary value to emotional pain and suffering. If a person’s physical injuries are severe or life-threatening, the amount calculated for medical expenses and lost wages may be multiplied up to 10% to determine a non-monetary loss value in a specific case. An experienced personal injury law attorney can help overcome any legal obstacles that arise during the insurance claims process.