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Sustaining personal injuries in a negligence-based car accident can be a life-changing experience.

You and your family may be greatly impacted by the medical bills that ensue as well as:

  • your lost wages or income from an inability to work
  • property damage to a vehicle,
  • the non-economic damages of pain, suffering, emotional trauma, disability and more

Getting skilled legal representation is crucial if you wish to obtain fair compensation through a claim or lawsuit. You can find competent and reliable legal help from an East Bay personal injury lawyer at Duncan Law Firm, P.C..

My firm is a trial firm that provides relentless and dedicated advocacy from the moment you bring your case to me the way through its conclusion. I have built a well-earned reputation based on true credibility, results, and an unwavering commitment to your cause.

Personalized Legal Service

From the moment you contact my firm, I will provide one-on-one personalized service to evaluate your case, discuss your legal options, and pursue the justice you deserve through proper action. At Duncan Law Firm, P.C., you will never be just another file or number but someone whose situation we take personally.

I build a personal relationship with every client so that, should we go to trial, we can be as persuasive and compelling as possible in expressing your story. Furthermore, I have the background, experience, and legal ability needed to prevail in any civil litigation. I also have impressive trial experience handling multi-million dollar cases. That trial capability can be put to use on your behalf after you've been involved in a car accident caused by another's negligence or misconduct.

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Your first step is to contact me for a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your accident and injuries. I handle all cases on a contingency fee basis which means no upfront fees.

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Whether you've sustained whiplash injuries, serious injuries, catastrophic injuries, or a wrongful death, contact my firm to learn more.

Working With Duncan Law Firm, P.C.
  • We're Here to Fight For You

    Whether you're facing a complex injury, filing a wrongful death claim, or need help navigating an insurance dispute, our attorney will fight for you.

  • Taking The Time to Understand Your Case

    Regardless of how complex the nature of your case is, our attorney takes time to study the specific legal landscape to better represent you or your family.

  • Licensed in Both California & Nevada

    Attorney David Duncan is licensed to practice in both California and Nevada and provides sound legal representation in both states.

  • Over a Decade of Experience as An Attorney

    Prior to opening his firm, attorney Duncan served at the White House and successfully litigated complex business and real estate matters.