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5 motorcycle parts you should not ignore during a pre-ride check

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Car Accidents

The condition of your motorcycle affects the quality of your ride and your safety on the road. For these reasons, you should do a pre-ride check every time you use your bike. Focus on essentials like the brakes and suspensions, as well as the following.


Impact and repeated use may cause the spokes on the wheels to lose tension. When this happens, the wheels may lose strength, making your bike less stable. Consider checking the spokes regularly or before installing new wheels.


Your bike’s mirrors allow you to see rear traffic, critical for making safe turns and passes. Dust, dried water, and grime can fog up the glass, so regularly wipe its surface with a cloth. If the glass has cracks or damage obstructing your view, consider replacing the mirrors.


Without a headlight, you will not be able to drive in the dark, so always confirm that it is operational and set it at a proper alignment. Setting it too low will reduce its effectiveness while putting it too high can blind oncoming drivers.

Turn signals

These signal lights let other drivers know whether you are turning left or right, reducing the risk of collisions. Always ensure they are functioning and clean, as dirt and grime can decrease their visibility.


The cables on your bike allow functions like clutching and braking, so failing to maintain them can make your bike less safe and harder to control. Regularly inspect your bike’s cables for damage and consider replacing them when you see signs of significant wear and tear.

Pre-ride checkups help reduce the risk of a crash. It is also best to have your motorcycle undergo regular professional maintenance to address problems that may not be readily detectable.