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Rehabbing catastrophic injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2023 | Uncategorized

Many thousands of people in California are involved in accidents or are victims of crimes each year. These incidents often result in physical, emotional and financial damages. In many cases, catastrophic injuries occur, often causing long-term or even permanent disabilities.  

Catastrophic injuries often involve the brain, spinal cord or other areas of the body that, if not functioning properly, may impede quality of life or prohibit a person from being able to work. When such an injury occurs, determining a sufficient treatment plan is a priority. Rehabilitation can often be achieved through various means.  

Surgery and physical or occupational therapies for catastrophic injuries 

If someone suffers brain damage or a spinal injury in a motor vehicle collision or workplace accident, surgery may be necessary. In many cases, rehabilitation includes ongoing, specialized care, such as physical therapy or occupational therapy. Dealing with emotional trauma or severe mental health issues that develop alongside catastrophic injuries is equally important to a patient’s well-being.  

Licensed counselors are often part of a support network that provides assistance to a person who has suffered a catastrophic injury and is in need of rehabilitation. Extensive rehabilitative care is expensive and can cause undue financial strain. When a catastrophic injury has occurred because of another person’s negligence, he or she may be held accountable for damages. A person who has suffered injury may seek compensation for damages by filing a personal injury claim in a civil court.