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Car accident victims could suffer severe spinal cord injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2023 | Uncategorized

While even the thought of being in a collision can be a harrowing concept, such an incident could take place at virtually any moment. Even if you take steps to promote safety while navigating along California roads, there may only be so much you can control. A portion of your safety may rest in the hands of other drivers nearby. 

Should the actions of another driver create a hazardous situation, there is a chance you could be the one left suffering the repercussions. The outcome of the incident may run the risk of causing you to suffer a spinal cord injury, and similar health concerns can carry a variety of severe or life-changing symptoms. 

Spinal cord injury symptoms 

Spinal cord injuries remain unfortunately common among car accident victims. Studies indicate that such injuries can range in severity and can present with a variety of symptoms, such as: 

  • Loss of mobility: Loss of mobility and balance are common symptoms of spinal cord injuries. In some cases, similar health conditions could even lead to partial or complete paralysis. 
  • Bodily function: Similar health concerns may also affect various bodily functions and may lead to loss of, or lack of, bladder or bowel control or prompt issues with lack of sensation. 
  • Intense pain: Symptoms of spinal cord injuries may also manifest in the form of intense pain and pressure in the affected areas. Damage to nerves around the spinal cord could cause pain to radiate through your body. 
  • Sensations in extremities: Studies indicate that similar injuries could cause you to experience sensations of weakness or tingling in your extremities or cause you to lose feeling in these areas. 

Similar health issues could also cause you to experience difficulties with breathing patterns or muscle spasms. Symptoms of spinal cord injuries might not always appear immediately after a crash. 

Exploring your options 

While suffering severe or permanent injuries during a major collision can be difficult enough to accept as is, the process may prove even more daunting if the incident stems from the actions of another party. A spinal cord injury could carry long-term symptoms that may disrupt your ability to perform everyday tasks or diminish your quality of life. While there may be nothing you can do to change what took place, it could be helpful to seek advice in exploring the available options to help protect your future interests.