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Whiplash and chronic pain are common after collisions

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2022 | Uncategorized

When a motor vehicle accident occurs on a California roadway, there is no telling how far-reaching the implications of the incident might be. In fatal accidents, for instance, many lives will be forever changed by the loss of a friend or family member. Recovering victims, as well, often deal with issues such as chronic pain, induced by whiplash or other injuries after a collision, that reduce their quality of life and may even make it difficult or impossible for them to return to work.

Whiplash refers to any number of injuries that affect the upper body. It is a common consequence of a motor vehicle collision, often caused by a sudden jarring forward, then backward. This type of injury often occurs when someone is in a vehicle that is hit from behind.

Corticosteroid injections can help alleviate whiplash pain

Neck pain is often a primary concern for people with persistent whiplash injuries. However, pain may also radiate to the face, head, shoulders or back regions of the body. A person who suffers whiplash often needs ongoing medical treatments and specialized care for months, even years after the incident. University studies have shown that patients who receive corticosteroid injections often have a 50% or greater pain reduction within five years than those who do not receive the injections.

When driver negligence caused a whiplash injury

California law enables a recovering collision victim to seek accountability when driver negligence has caused a whiplash injury or other damages. It is wise to seek legal counsel before filing a claim in a civil court. An experienced attorney can help a plaintiff determine the maximum amount of compensation to seek in court.