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California motorcyclist rear-ended

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2022 | Uncategorized

There is a lot of traffic on California roadways, even late at night. On a recent Tuesday night, at approximately 11:15 p.m., a tragedy occurred. Two vehicles were involved, an SUV and a motorcycle. Sadly, the collision resulted in a fatality. 

The crash occurred on Highway 242 southbound near Concord. The SUV reportedly struck the motorcyclist from behind. Although he was ejected from his vehicle, the biker survived the initial impact of the collision and was transported to a nearby hospital by the rescue team. He later died.  

Investigators are still working on this case 

At the time of this writing, investigators had not yet disclosed information regarding what exactly may have caused the SUV driver to slam into the back of the motorcycle. The driver in the SUV did not suffer any injuries. It remains to be seen if this was a case of distracted driving.  

Distracted drivers can cause fatal collisions  

If a California motorist is distracted at the wheel and fails to notice that traffic flow has slowed or stopped, disaster may occur before he or she looks ahead and realizes the need to adjust speed. If a motorcyclist is hit from behind, injuries are often severe or life-threatening, especially if the rider is ejected upon impact. When a fatality occurs, the immediate family members of the decedent may seek justice by filing a wrongful death claim in a civil court. Monetary damages are typically awarded upon a showing in court that the party sued was negligent in a manner that was the proximate cause of the accident victim’s death.