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California chain-reaction collision result of tomato spill

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2022 | Uncategorized

California law enforcement authorities often encounter challenges following car accidents where more than one person seems to have been. In a recent accident, a series of events led to a chain-reaction crash. The collision resulted in injuries to several people, including one who was transported to a local hospital with a broken bone.  

Moments before one vehicle slammed into another, another collision took place and a truck driver tried to swerve to avoid impact. He was hauling approximately 150,000 tomatoes. When he swerved, he veered into a center divider. This caused the tomatoes to fall off the truck. 

Tomatoes were 2-feet deep on the highway 

Moments after the tomatoes started hitting the roadway, approaching traffic began to crash. One investigator said that smashed tomatoes make the road like ice. Rescuers transported those in need of medical care to a local hospital.  

The aftermath of a California motor vehicle collision 

A broken bone can take six weeks or longer to heal. Other injuries that often occur in a chain-reaction collision, such as whiplash, lacerations or concussions, often necessitate ongoing medical visits. If another person was at fault in the incident, the recovering victim can file a legal claim to seek recovery of documented monetary damages. In a personal injury claim in a California court, damages can include emotional trauma and economic distress. It is helpful to consult with an attorney before going to court to ensure that the maximum amount of damages to which a plaintiff might be entitled is requested.