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Were you injured on another person’s property?

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2022 | Uncategorized

Property owners have certain duties to fulfill to keep visitors and guests safe. If such duties are not fulfilled, and conditions are unsafe, people who arrive at the property may be at risk for personal injury. If an accident resulting in injury occurs due to a property owner’s negligence or the negligence of an agent or employee of a property owner, a civil court may hold the person deemed responsible for damages accountable by ordering him or her to pay compensation if the injured party successfully presents a premises liability claim in court.

A plaintiff must provide evidence

If a person files a premises liability claim, he or she is tasked with providing appropriate evidence in court. The evidence must convince the court that the defendant was negligent. He or she must also show that the negligence proximately caused the damages that occurred.

Numerous issues may lead to a premises liability claim

Various issues may result in injury and, subsequently, premises liability litigation:

  • An unleashed dog bites someone in a location where there are leash laws.
  • A person falls in a parking lot that is poorly lit at night.
  • Someone slips and falls on a wet floor where no signs were posted to warn people of unsafe conditions.
  • An assault occurs at a public event where there was insufficient security.

The owner of a premises might disregard health and safety codes or fail to address known safety hazards on a property. In such cases, a person who suffers injury may seek justiceagainst all parties deemed responsible. At Duncan Law Firm, you may schedule a free consultation so that an experienced legal team can review your case and suggest the most appropriate way forward.