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The emotional trauma after a car accident can be life-changing

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2021 | Uncategorized

There are thousands of automobile accidents in California each year, and a significant number of those leave victims with severe emotional trauma. Victims of accidents involving passenger cars and commercial vehicles are likely to suffer the worst emotional damage. Injuries and deaths are more likely in such crashes, and psychological harm can persist even after the physical injury has healed.

Recognize emotional trauma days after a wreck

Having trouble believing that the accident actually happened is normal, and the person driving might feel guilty about it. Occasionally, shock can result in anger directed at the person responsible for the accident. The emotional consequences of wrecks often include nervousness, uneasiness, worry, or fear. In addition, the events of the crash often replay repeatedly in the minds of victims.

Red flags that indicate potential post-traumatic stress disorder

These traumas usually ease after a short time for most accident victims. Some victims, however, continue to feel these emotions and cannot live life as they once did before the accident. This causes their emotional distress to grow even stronger. That could be red flags that indicate post-traumatic stress disorder. There are no quick fixes for PTSD, as it won’t disappear on its own without the help of therapists.

More telltale signs of PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder manifests itself by the following feelings and thoughts:

  • Uncontrollable irritability, worry and anger
  • The feeling of being disconnected from people and events
  • An overall sense of unease
  • Anxiety when driving a car or being a passenger in a car
  • Choosing not to have tests or medical procedures performed
  • Inability to stop or control repetitive memories of the crash
  • Repetitive nightmares and difficulty sleeping

It is also possible for a person to develop PTSD after witnessing a loved one’s trauma or death after catastrophic injuries in a car accident. A long-term therapy program could prove helpful for people living with PTSD to overcome the disorder. The stress can be exacerbated by mounting medical bills and lost income. Fortunately, emotional and financial damages that have already occurred and will occur in the future might be recoverable. The accident victim can sue for personal injury in a California civil court if they can demonstrate that another party was negligent.