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California motorist hit two pedestrians

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2021 | Uncategorized

When two women went to work in a street vendor shop in California on a recent Friday, they had no way of knowing it was the last day of their lives. A nearby motorist careened off the road and into their pop-up shop, resulting in a double fatality. The driver also crashed into another vehicle after hitting the pedestrians.  

Investigators say the driver oversteered when maneuvering a turn 

Preliminary investigations of the fatal collision led investigators to believe that the 18-year-old woman behind the wheel of the car that veered off the road turned the wheel too sharply as she was making a left turn. Her vehicle suddenly struck a curb, then plowed straight through the pop-up shop where the two women were working. Both women succumbed to their injuries due to the force of impact when struck by the vehicle, which police say was moving at a high rate of speed. 

The driver is cooperating with police in the investigation 

The young woman who has been deemed responsible for the fatal accident was cooperative with investigators. Police say they do not believe that alcohol or drugs are a factor in the case. The California Highway Patrol remains active in their investigation at this time.  

Sudden death devastates families 

Learning that a loved one has been killed in a pedestrian collision is one of the worst things a family can experience in life. Grieving the loss of a family member is often a long, arduous process, and such grief is often intensified when a family learns that the collision that took a loved one’s life was preventable were it not for driver negligence or reckless behavior. Funeral expenses, as well as any medical bills that might exist for emergency care provided to a decedent before death, can cause financial problems that add to a grieving family’s stress. An immediate family member of a deceased accident victim may seek financial recovery for damages by asking an experienced personal injury law attorney to present the case in a California civil court.