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Did an uninsured driver hit you on a California road?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2021 | Uncategorized

Driving in California can be stressful, especially if you’re navigating heavy traffic at top highway speeds. There’s no way for you to know whether each driver with whom you’re sharing the road is alert, sober, aware of his or her surroundings, and properly insured to operate a motor vehicle in this state. If a collision occurs that results in injuries to you or your loved one, the issue of insurance becomes an immediate priority.

It is a crime in California to drive without proper insurance

You can customize your car insurance plan to meet your budget needs and ultimate coverage goals. However, you are not free to simply choose not to purchase insurance on your vehicle but to drive it anyway. California law states that you may be prosecuted if you illegally operate a motor vehicle without insurance.

Seeking compensation for damages after a collision

If you suffer physical, emotional or economic damages in a collision that someone else caused, state law allows you to seek restitution. A person in a similar situation can typically also file an insurance claim so that the other driver’s insurance policy would compensate his or her losses. If you have evidence to show that the other driver was negligent and his or her negligence was a direct cause of your injuries, you can also file a personal injury claim in a civil court.

If the other driver does not have car insurance

If the driver who hit you doesn’t have insurance, there is no existing policy that is going to cover your losses. This can be a stressful situation because you know that you’re entitled to such compensation; however, the person may have been illegally operating a motor vehicle and, therefore, does not have a policy in place to cover your losses. At Duncan Law Firm, in California, an experienced legal team is available to review your case and help you determine a best course of action if you suffered injury in a collision that was caused by an uninsured driver.