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Avoid collisions at intersections with these 3 tips

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2021 | Uncategorized

Some stretches of California roadway are more dangerous than others. For instance, many collisions occur at intersections, especially those that are not secured with traffic lights or stop signs. It is always good to be especially cautious when approaching a crossroad and to know what to do if another driver causes a crash.  

Always travel at a reduced speed when entering an intersection 

Even if a traffic light turns green, it is always safest to pause and scan the surroundings and to enter an intersection at a low speed. Especially when navigating a turn, it is best to keep speed to 5 mph or so. This creates a safety buffer because it increases the chances of being able to come to full halt if an emergency situation arises, such as another driver blowing through a red light.  

Make sure a driver’s actions match his or her turn signal 

Avoid making an assumption that because a driver has engaged his or her left or right turn signal that he or she is going to turn that way. Drunk drivers often make an error of using the wrong signal. Distracted drivers, too, might have simply forgotten to turn off a turn signal from an earlier turn. Always wait a moment to make sure the vehicle is moving in the direction the driver is signaling that he or she is going to move.  

Be especially cautious at yellow lights 

Many California drivers try to “beat the yellow light” by accelerating just enough to make it through before the light turns red. This is a bad idea when the goal is to make it through the intersection uneventfully. It is much safer to slow down at a yellow light, even if a driver brings a vehicle to a stop a few seconds before the light turns red. If a collision occurs at an intersection or anywhere else, a person who suffers injury may seek compensation for damages against a driver whose negligence was the proximate cause of any injuries that resulted.