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While waiting in traffic at the San Mateo Bridge I was rear ended at a high rate of speed. My car was totaled, the accident exacerbated an existing back condition that I already had. I missed a good amount of work and needed a lot of medical attention, that eventually resulted in needing a nerve ablation (termination). I knew I was going to need an attorney, and I had a lot of choices. The big firms that advertise on TV, the ones I see advertised on billboards on the freeway? I decided I wanted to be represented by a local firm that would give me personalized attention and would know who i was every time I contacted them. So I chose Duncan Law firm. I was instantly comfortable with David and always felt like I was in good hands. He took care of everything, he dealt with the other driver's insurance company so I never had to, he dealt with the very unresponsive staff at my companies HR department to get info about the wages and benefits I missed while out. I always felt that my case was of the utmost importance to him. I ended up being awarded the full term of the other driver's insurance policy, with no fight. All the money with no fight. It was definitely a win-win for me. I may need to have additional nerve ablations in the future, because the nerve endings eventually grow back, but now I have the money to offset the medical costs and to pay for my pain and suffering. I would strongly suggest that if you are in the need for a personal injury attorney that you choose David Duncan and Duncan Law Firm.

-Patrick B..

I was being hassled to settle my claim by my insurance company in an accident where the other driver was at fault and had the same insurance as I had. My insurance company wouldn't help ME! David Duncan was always available, knowledgeable, patient, and when I got my final settlement, trustworthy, as the extra costs beyond the percentage were nominal. I had heard horror stories of lawyers charging exorbitant amounts for every fax and exchange and was surprised when this wasn't the case. In the settlement hearing he was the same...very knowledgeable and professional, yet calm and assuring. I highly recommend the Duncan Law Firm!

-Carol A.

Unfortunately, navigating the "law" and your personal rights as an injured party due to negligence is complex. I found myself in need of an expert that not only understood the law but was also committed to a "realistic" case and outcome. The process, with David's guidance, was swift and easy. He did all of the heavy lifting, took extra time to explain the law and the process as well as managed my expectations. The experience, while not enjoyable and somewhat a waste of precious time, was mitigated by David's professionalism, prompt action and overall optimistic and calm demeanor. Even the party who was at fault commented on the professionalism and realistic approach summarized in our settlement. We settled fairly quickly without having to go to court. I am able to walk away from this experience knowing what was settled on was "fair" and my attorney represented my best interest with integrity. I would absolutely recommend David's services.

- Erin M.

David Duncan represented me for my personal injury suit after getting in a bad auto accident on my way to work in late-2014. He was able to settle out of court for much higher than I originally expected, and the process was nearly seamless. His vast knowledge about personal injury law and insurance claims, great negotiation skills, attention to detail, and genuine concern for his clients' welfare make him a great attorney for personal injury cases. David was quick to respond to my emails, texts, and voicemails, and he provided me with sound advice throughout the process. Should you ever need help with a personal injury, I recommend calling Duncan Law Firm. 5 stars!

-Katherine W.

We retained the Duncan Law Firm following a serious car accident in which my wife was injured. David Duncan represented us with great skill and professionalism, and truly demonstrated his care for our situation. He made sure that we received the best settlement possible. I would hire him again, and highly recommend the Duncan Law Firm.

-Steve G.

I worked with David and he was wonderful. We had many hiccups along the way but he was very helpful and accommodating.

- Ashley P.

David Duncan is an amazing attorney. Our case was a very challenging case and David made sure to keep us up to date through the entire process. He spent countless hours on our case and eventually got us the outcome that we wanted. He is an incredible lawyer and very well spoken man with class and compassion. He was always available when I had questions and concerns. I would highly recommend David Duncan, he will go above and beyond to make sure you will have a successful case.

-Katherine M.

You know those commercials on TV, the ones with the people saying how they got ripped off by an insurance company and they wished they'd called a lawyer? I always thought those were made up and exaggerated. Then I got hit by a minivan, my car totaled, and in the hospital with a fractured breastplate.
My insurance was great, handled everything...except dealing with his insurance company. That's when I called David at Duncan Law Firm. Best decision I ever made. So many things came up dealing with my medical and car insurance as well as the other guy's insurance that would have blindsided me but David handled it all and kept me in the loop the whole time. He even found money I didn't know was there in my own insurance policy! Don't expect to have anything happen quickly, insurance companies drag their feet. Just knowing David was on top of it and reacting as quickly as possible to everything was a huge weight off my back. His professionalism combined with empathy for my personal situation was more reassuring than can be put into words. I'd recommend to anyone, call them. You'll be glad you did.

- Joel Z.

Fantastic, professional service start to finish. Duncan Law Firm expertly handled my case, moved things along, advocated for me relentlessly and took time out of his busy day to make sure I was comfortable with everything that occurred. I had a great experience with Mr. Duncan. He is an excellent lawyer that wants you to understand the process. He handled everything while keeping me informed. Thanks for your help, kindness and support. I appreciate your hard work and getting me great results.

-Barry G.

I was very pleased working with David and his law firm. He is excellent at walking you thought the process, keeping you in the loop, and managing expectations. Very professional and well spoken. Most importantly, he was able to successfully bring my case to a satisfactory resolution. He will take the extra time to explain the process and answer any of your questions at any point. I'd highly recommend him.

- Haley G.

David Duncan was great a communicating the dialog between the other insurer company. I felt he really max out what I could get. I personally would recommend Duncan Law Firm and David Duncan INCREDIBLE!

-Michael H.

Excellent experience handling my injury case. David was professional and always answered my emails promptly. Was a pleasure to work with such an experienced attorney. I wouldn't hesitate to hire Duncan Law Firm in the future if needed. Thank you David!

- Laurie B.

Reaching out to Duncan Law Firm was the best decision I made following my car accident. David was very professional throughout the entire process and made it very easy on me. Would highly recommend this Law Firm.

- Karla U.

David has been a great council in a personal injury case. Unlike many other lawyers whose contact details I found via web searches and have contacted, he did not stray away from a 'small' case and has been courteous and very helpful from beginning to the very end. He did all the leg work in obtaining the police report of the incident and the treatment related medical records, and direct liaised with the insurance firm of the at fault party. David was easy to talk to and get in touch with, and i am very satisfied with the outcome of the case that he has helped to move forward.


I thoroughly enjoyed working with David on my case. He was very considerate, showed genuine concern for my injuries and medical procedures. The stressful time of healing was made easier with his guidance, and when it came time to engage the insurance companies David made every effort to obtain what I consider a fair settlement.

- Ed

I was in a car accident where a driver ran their stop sign and T-boned me. Then tried to tell the police that it was my fault. I was in stressed out because the accident took me out of work and I felt like I had no options. One of my best friends gave me Mr. Duncan's phone number and said to call. What a huge relief after speaking with David he explained the situation in terms that I can understand and answered any questions that I had making the entire situation seem not as frightening. Over the next few months of hearing insurance companies try to bully me into what they wanted. David would reassure me on what was going on and would swiftly go about making things happen. It was such a pleasure working with David Duncan I cannot think of any other lawyer or person I would ask legal advice from. Thank you, Mr. Duncan, for taking care of me and my family in our time of need.

- Seth C.

I've had the pleasure of working with David Duncan on a vehicle accident I had. I haven't had much experience with dealing with an auto insurance claim and I felt like I was getting low balled by the opposition's insurance company. The time was approaching where my claim would end and i didn't know what to do, I saw David's ad online so I checked reviews and everything was positive. My experience working with David was awesome and was super smooth and easy throughout. He knew what he was doing and made everything for me simple. He is very down to earth and a very cool person, it was easy to talk to him and he explained things very well. Not only that, but he was very prompt with his responses to e-mails and phone calls. I don't wish anyone getting into an auto accident or any accident period, but if you unfortunately do, David Duncan Law Firm is the way to go for any settlement issues.

-James N.

Before I contacted David Duncan's office, I spoke to other lawyers about my personal injury case. But, they didn't make me feel confident to trust them to take care of things the way I needed them to. When I contacted David, he really sold himself and his law firm. He was great with any questions I had. He kept me in the loop with everything. We received a settlement [that was] more than we expected. He also made me feel comfortable that we were in good hands. Since it's his own business, he really focuses on your case.

-Isabela P.

There are a lot of different types of attorneys out there, but none of them quite match the assistance and helpfulness that I received with David. He was very polite, knowledgeable, and was able to accommodate me and my busy schedule. His experience in the law field shined through when he was able to take complicated forms and terms that I knew absolutely nothing about, and turn them into easy to understand and comprehensible words. David genuinely knows his stuff! He is very friendly, easygoing, and extremely easy to talk to. He was very punctual and always replied to any questions or concerns I had immediately. My experience working with him was superb, and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of an injury attorney.

-Veronica B.

David has looked out for my legal needs for over eight years. He represented me in over 40 legal matters and cases. I rely on David's legal training, experience and advice on a daily basis. He is knowledgeable about California, Nevada, and Federal Law. He is a great strategist and a fantastic litigator. David's legal expertise includes contract , real estate, general business, litigation, appellate matters. Additionally, David has represented me with numerous governmental agencies in the areas of zoning and real estate development. David's professionalism and integrity can never be questioned. I would highly recommend him to all of my friends and colleagues who are in need of attorney services and/or legal representation.

- Ken T.

David is a professional that thinks through problems, works through problems and arrives at solid legal solutions.

- Kevin C.

I had the pleasure of working closely with David for over a year on a major piece of litigation that had widespread impacts on my company. David was able to fully understand the varying needs of my company and adapt the litigation strategy to ensure that my company would be in the best possible position to meet the overall business needs. David understands the importance of thinking critically about what is best for the client, and designs and executes strategies that are aimed at getting the results that will have the most effective long-term benefits for the client. It is without hesitation that I would recommend David to anyone seeking a fearless, efficacious advocate with the sharp business acumen not normally found in litigators.

-Tim P., In-house Counsel, (Client Name Kept Confidential)

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