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You Have a Right to Retain Legal Representation

If you have been injured due to the negligence of another person or a corporation, you are likely entitled to receive financial compensation for the losses you have sustained. The process of claiming such compensation, however, can be a considerable challenge. For many people, dealing with the challenges of recovering from an injury and confronting the life changes it brings can be overwhelming. A person simply cannot do everything - they need professional guidance and representation in order to maximize their monetary recovery. Victims of such incidents need a Pleasanton personal injury attorney on their side so that they can focus on recuperating and getting their lives back in order, rather than having to fight and struggle with an insurance company.

Trying to navigate the complicated legal process between an injury and compensation without counsel is risky. For example, after an accident, the insurance company may contact you and appear to be innocently gathering "facts" about your incident. The claims representative may sound very friendly and perhaps even concerned about your well-being, but what you must realize is that he or she is not on your side. The insurance company's objective is to minimize or even deny your claim, and they are talking to you with the goal of getting you to say things that will diminish or eliminate your eligibility to recover a settlement.

This process can be intimidating to some people who feel they may be required to speak to the insurance company. Don't do it! Everything you say can and will be used against you to either minimize or deny your compensation, and it is far better to filter all communications through your lawyer. Politely decline to talk with the claims representative or adjuster, and then refer all calls to me at Duncan Law Firm as your legal representative. Let me put my litigation skill and my years of experience in navigating the claims process to work for you.

Hire Pleasanton Personal Injury Attorney David T. Duncan to Fight for You

When you hire me, the insurance companies and their lawyers are not allowed to communicate directly with you. Instead they must go through me as soon as they learn that you are represented. You do not have to talk to the insurance company just to be polite - they are not on your side, but as your lawyer, I am. By retaining my services, you will not have to worry about saying the wrong thing and you will not have to be concerned about taking the steps to build an effective case. I will be acting as your legal representative, using my knowledge of the law and my command of proven strategies to pursue the financial compensation that you deserve.

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